The Importance of Good Communication Skills

Published December 22, 2012 by Mayrbear's Lair


Communication skills are important to organizational success because it influences what we understand about the organization as well as how we respond to it and support it. Knowing how to communicate effectively, without criticizing or offending others, is an important key in organizational management. A successful leader inspires people to do and be better. The most effective leaders lead by example, delegating responsibilities and duties in a way that motivates their staff.

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Recruiters target their search for effective leaders with good communication skills because they know they are the potential ring masters that will get their team enthusiastic and excited. They are looking for recruits with the potential to help staff members feel confident about themselves; allow them to embrace who they are; focus on their strengths and talents, while praising them for the hard work and effort they bring to the arena. Recruiters want a strong leader that will acknowledge weaknesses in others and help them work through it with dignity while recognizing their strengths.

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