Executive Special Guest – Kathy Konst

Published March 25, 2013 by Mayrbear's Lair


Warm Greetings Friends!

Spring is in the air and new seeds are budding everywhere. This blog post features a special guest, my dear friend *Kathy Konst. She is conducting a survey for a book she is writing and I volunteered to help her out. So I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce her and invite anyone who is inspired to help her out on this project. Please click on the link at the bottom of this post, fill out the feedback form and click on Kathy’s name below to email the form to her.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for my new blog that comes out Wednesday called Technological Innovations!

Thanks everyone for sailing on this journey with me.

Ciao for Now!



Kathy Konst

*Kathy Konst is an accomplished and visionary executive who thinks divergently and sees beyond the obvious for solutions to problems. With years of private and public sector experience in business development, planning, education, marketing, and public relations, she has been able to shift between industries in order to translate complicated ideas and policies for general consumption, while empowering others to achieve their potential. This has allowed her to develop numerous relationships and opportunities that might never have occurred. 

Konst was an Erie County Legislator for 2-terms, a candidate for the New York State Senate and U.S. Congress and most recently served as the Commissioner of Environment, Planning, and Economic Development for Erie County, New York. While in the Legislature, Konst concurrently served as CEO of the Lancaster Area Chamber of Commerce for 12 years. She worked as a Director of Environmental Education and Marketing for Florida Atlantic University in Palm Beach County Florida. Kathy recently moved to Southern California and runs a marketing and public relations company specializing in business development and government relations. Kathy started her work career as a certified school teacher and has taught at the elementary through college levels.


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Hello and Happy Spring!

I have a favor to ask (with a 2 week deadline). I am going to proceed now as if you have said yes, but feel free to let me know one way or another! I am currently working on a book project that involves reaching out to a lot of people. Because I can only get to so many interviews myself, I am asking my friends and family to also help out.

The book (not titled yet) will be a compilation of all the interviews I get and will hopefully provide insight and inspiration for the people who eventually read it. It is also very fulfilling to hear the stories people send me and open up to me. I hope you will be equally inspired by asking folks to share with you on my behalf.

Below is a form that can be used to send to your contacts by email. You can also just send me the interviews of people you talk to in person or on the phone. Please, be liberal with your outreach. I actually go up to people I don’t know and just start conversations now. People have been very generous.  I want to include children, teens and young adults into the demographics of interviewees so please feel free to share the questionnaire with others, even if they need to fill out more forms to submit.

Thanks for your help in advance. You are making a difference for me and for others.



Feedback Form

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