Target Market

Published October 7, 2013 by Mayrbear's Lair


Marketers that approach advertising with a strategy to target everybody will face many obstacles. An effective marketing campaign is designed to clearly communicate a message to the right people through the proper channels in order to experience the highest level of profitability. Kennedy (2011) explains the most efficient marketers build their campaigns in powerful, persuasive, and compelling ways to attract the attention and captivate their viewer. Another significant aspect of developing a campaign is to determine precisely who the message is for and design the best method to present it to them (Kennedy, 2011). In short, successful campaigns include two important components to achieve the best results: (a) delivering a powerful message and (b) delivering it to the relevant people.


Because of the internet and advances in technology in today’s competitive culture, a great marketing message is more important than in any other time in history. A creative who designs a campaign to target everybody will not transmit their message efficiently to the people who need to hear it the most. For example, an advertisement about make-up is only relevant to people who use it. This ad would be wasted on members of society that do not wear make-up. Baack and Clow (2012) suggest the most effective marketers analyze their target audience and design their campaigns to persuade relevant consumers to inquire about their services or products. The information companies gather from consumers allows them to serve their needs better. This strategy enables them to develop a campaign that speaks directly to the consumers who may have an interest in their services or goods (Baack & Clow, 2012). Taking this information into consideration, most creatives design their ultimate marketing plans to promote and combine powerful messages that authentically represents the company’s goods and services.


Many of today’s advertising giants have one thing in common: commitment to customer focus strategies derived from rigorous customer insight. Gallagher and Zoratti (2012) purport that one way this is achieved is through separating consumers into groups by data mining, analysis, and detailed profiling that implements third party data resources. This strategy is in addition to behavioral, transactional, and conversational tracking. This is known as precision marketing. Rather than allocating large budgets for mass campaigns that treat everyone in the same manner, precision marketers are mining customer data for spending predispositions and propensities in order to target buyers in an exceptionally sophisticated manner (Gallagher & Zoratti, 2012). In other words, all communication received can be used for segmentation to target relevant data to the intended recipient. Marketers that include segmentation as part of their advertising strategy produce higher results than those who do not. For example, when a person with a Facebook profile indicates their interests by liking different pages, this information is gathered so that the next time a person logs in, there are ads strategically placed to target that individual’s interests. By gathering and segmenting data, marketers are better able to reach their intended audience to produce more successful results.



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