Midweek Motivation

Published January 29, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair


Today, as a midweek motivational tool, I want to take a moment to share the importance of adding the element of play into the work or school week.  As we go through our daily life we are focused on our responsibilities, our tasks, and the assignments or deadlines we have to meet. Because of these involved schedules many of us forget to take the time and just have some fun.  We must remember to include the element of playing in our schedules as well. For example, how many times have we found ourselves in a situation where we struggle to remember an important name or place? We tackle with our mind to try to remember it but it eludes us. Then later, when we are not thinking about it that information seems to pop up out of nowhere. Chopra (2013) explains that once we walk away from the issue and let go of wrestling our minds for the answer, it comes to us like a bolt of lightning. This is because our minds are free and more open to receiving the information (Chopra, 2013).


This is where the element of play comes in. Chopra suggests that play opens the door that allows creativity to flow freely. When we are playing, we are following our heart rather than leading with our minds. From this state of mind, answers become more readily available and the creative juices flow without boundaries. When we are relaxed and in a playful mood, ideas flow more effortlessly because we are not taking action from a place of ego. We become inspired and childlike because we are engaged in fun activities and lose track of time doing so. From this mindset we are more open to exploring new and innovative ideas and are more confident to share them with others (Chopra, 2013).


So, as a midweek motivational tool, I will take some time today to engage in a playful activity that I really enjoy; one that will bring great happiness and joy.  I invite you to do the same. Throw a football with a friend or child in a short game of catch. Take a stroll with some pals at the mall and stop at an arcade to  play a few video games or just take a few minutes to play some air guitar while you rock out to your favorite tunes. Whatever it is you choose, appreciate the freedom that playfulness creates and let the wonders unfold.


Have a great day everyone … and remember while you keep organized to take some time and have fun too!

In the meantime Dr. Chopra reminds  us  all to play, create and succeed!

Until next time …


Chopra, D. (2013). Desire and Destiny. Retrieved January 29, 2014, from chopracentermeditation.com: https://chopracentermeditation.com/challenge/index/5

2 comments on “Midweek Motivation

  • LOL! There is a resemblance to the Braveheart look he sported while he was under my regime (haha). But to me it captured the true spirit of air guitar … and when you are that involved in air guitar … well as this photo shows …the sky is the limit! haha! Thanks for your feedback …now go play! 😉


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