My Introduction to the AHC

Published April 7, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair


Kathy Konst, Executive Director, AHC

Kathy Konst, Executive Director, AHC

Early this year, a close friend of mine, Kathy Konst, found herself in a situation she did not quite know how to approach. The non-profit organization she works for was hosting their annual gala award dinner. In addition to her responsibilities to help organize the event, she was also in charge of providing the video presentations for each of the honorees to highlight their achievements. With all her corporate, political, educational, and organizational management skills, video production was new territory for her. Not aware of her predicament and while she was trying to determine how to approach this arduous task, I happen to post on Facebook,  a short video presentation I produced for a project in grad school.

185427690_640 (1)

The timing could not have been more perfect. She watched the video and saw a solution to her dilemma. Dr. Chopra (2014) postulates that we use information and intelligence to move energy, and by focusing our intentions, we can help direct our outcomes. He further purports that when live our lives with an awareness and appreciation of coincidences and their meaning, we can then create more opportunities that will produce an infinite amount of possibilities. This is a state he identifies as synchrodestiny, where he explains, it becomes possible to accomplish the spontaneous fulfillment of our desires (Chopra, 2014). What this means in scientific terms is that the energy I transmitted from being in a state of joy, with a focused passion to create a video presentation simply as an educational tool to entertain fellow classmates, created an opportunity in which our energies became synchronized. Was this merely a coincidence, or a genuine example of synchrodestiny in action? The bottom line was that my friend was in a predicament and just like magic, I unexpectedly found myself in a position to step up and help out. Regardless of an explanation, I thought that was pretty cool.


Due to our busy schedules, I had not been in close contact with Kathy for a while and was not cognizant of her position as Executive Director at The American-Hellenic Council in California, the non-partisan political advocacy organization, community organizer, and networking venue for Greek Americans nationwide. Since the organization’s inception, the American Hellenic Council has been the focal point of political activities of Greek American citizens. The AHC has become an effective and respected political group whose purpose is to lobby the U.S. Congress for the protection and promotion of Greek-American interests. During its existence, for example, the American Hellenic Council has supported numerous Hellenic issues, has made political donations, and raised significant contributions for members of Congress who support Hellenic issues (American Hellenic Council, 2014). I have not been as active in the political arena, so this was a new territory for me. All I knew was that a close friend had a dilemma and I found myself in a position to give a lending hand. She said she was so relieved and felt like an enormous weight had been lifted off her shoulders.


The pressure was now on me. However, in truth, I did not feel any pressure. In fact, I felt joy and honor that this project fell into my lap, so to speak. I had just completed grad school and was confident in my skills and abilities. So I decided to approach this assignment like another research project, only this time, rather than creating a final product as a written presentation, it would result in a video presentation. My job was to gather the data and come up with an end product that would not only meet the level of last year’s presentation, but exceed it. I began by collecting all the pieces, including the biographies, photos, and video clips of all the three recipients: Congressman John Sarbanes from Maryland’s Third District, UC Irvine Professor, Dr. Maria Pantelia, Ph.D, and Mr. Dean Metropoulos, the CEO whose management firm recently saved the Hostess Twinkie. Next, I had to decide how to piece it together.


John Sarbanes, Maria Pantelia, and Dean Metropoulos

I had gathered enough data on Congressman John Sarbanes, the recipient of the Pericles Award, so I worked on his presentation first. The parameters I was given for this assignment, was to take all the information collected and create a three minute video. This meant I had to go through all the video footage provided as well as create an outline to organize the data. From the information I collected, which was quite impressive, I composed a script and storyboard so that I could provide a clear picture of Congressman Sarbanes’ achievements. The Pericles Award is to honor this political leader as an advocate of peace and democracy in the Eastern Mediterranean as a supporter of the American Hellenic Community. After I pieced together a first draft, I sent Kathy a sample video from all the data I collected thus far, that also included a fabulous soundscape by the musical genius of Greek composer/producer Yanni. (Click on the image of Congressman Sarbanes below to watch the video sample I sent her.)


Congressman John Sarbanes, Recipient of the 2014 AHC Pericles Award (Extended Video draft)

The reason I intentionally produced a video presentation that was longer than what she asked for was because there was a considerable amount of interview footage from Congressman Sarbanes and I wanted to be clear on what she felt was significant to include. The immediate response I received from Kathy was fabulous! She absolutely loved it! The big challenge now … editing the piece down to roughly three minutes. The results my friends, will be the focus of Wednesday’s blog … until then … work hard, play fiercely, and stay organized!

  “Abundance is a state of mind in which you believe you are intrinsically creative. You recognize that the universe is abundant, and that you are an expression of the universe.” — Dr. David Simon



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