AHC Gala Conclusion

Published April 24, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair

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Thank you everyone, for returning for the conclusion of the AHC Gala event. Once the event was over, it was time to dig in and uncover the answer to the audio issue we experienced during the program. I began by explaining the situation as best as I could to the head of the A/V department. I stated to him, that I was under the impression the additional electronic device added that evening to the system, was an effects processor. I have knowledge of these devises because I worked with digital electronic processors before at live theatrical events and audio recording sessions. They are used to add special sound effect qualities to enhance an audio track.

fx processor

After reviewing all the information available, the head of the A/V department was able to piece together what transpired that night. He first explained that the issue could not have been the result of an effects processor because that device is not a component of their A/V equipment. However, he was able to confirm that an additional device was hooked up just prior to the show. His investigation also revealed that the device was connected by the man who was hired to take video footage of the event. As it turned out, the device was an integral component of his video equipment for the audio recording process. What his conversation with the videographer disclosed, was that the playback feature of his audio recording device was supposed to be set on mute during the presentation. The reverberation effect therefore, was caused by the audio playback of the DVD recording, as well as the audio playback from the videographer’s taping of the event. In other words, there were two audio tracks being played live simultaneously. Mystery solved!


In conclusion, I was happy the case was solved because this helps with the troubleshooting component. Should similar technical issues occur in the future, I will have more insight to find solutions. In the meantime, I was not thrilled that the audio track was not delivered as a clean crisp recording, the way it was intended, but as I stated before … that’s the nature of a live event! All in all it was a great experience and I was honored to have been a part of it this year. This concludes my adventures with the 2014 AHC Gala Awards, or as we say in showbiz, “That’s a wrap!”

Until next time … stay organized!


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” —Mahatma Gandhi 

2 comments on “AHC Gala Conclusion

  • And on the plus side the tech problem had nothing to do with anything you did. I guess for future events it would be good to find out before hand if any other activities like the recording would be going on at the same time and if it will effect your equipement or performance. It seems to me that you should have been warned ahead of time of the taping and that the equipment would be connected during the gala.


    • I agree … because this was a unique situation, I found myself like a deer in the headlights (hence the Miss Piggy photo). I did not know until we actually played the first video presentation that there would even be an issue. I don’t think the A/V technician who sat with me during the show did either. Live and learn!


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