Friday’s Vacation Week Treat

Published August 22, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair

Friday post pix

Friday’s Vacation Treat

Live Every Day as if it Was a Friday

Dr. Malhorta suggests that we do not trade money for meaning in our lives. Instead we seek and find a career that gives us meaning and all the money that we need. Finding meaning is the only way to live every day as if it was a Friday.


She continues that we cannot live our life just waiting for the weekend. We must find something that excites us. As Dr. Wayne Dyer once said, “Do not die with your music still inside of you.”

music in me

She suggests that it is our job in this life to find our music and go about the business of sharing it with the world. If we have not found our music yet, then we must keep searching. And finally, the good doctor subscribes that we do one thing everyday that makes us happy (Malhotra, 2014).

So from today forward, let’s be mindful to make it a Friday, every single day. What better day to begin than on a Friday! Have a great weekend everyone. We’ll see you back here next week!

Until then … stay organized!


“I think we should be working for contentment . . . an inner sense of fulfillment that’s relatively independent of external circumstances.” ― Andrew Weil



Smita Malhotra, M. (2014, July 16). 8 lessons I want to teach my daughter. Retrieved August 17, 2014, from The Huffington Post:

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