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Published September 8, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair


It today’s global marketplace, people that are interested in performing at optimum levels must comprehend the strategic decisions companies make. Coulter (2010) explained that corporations implement strategic management to motivate top performances and achieve greater outcomes (Coulter, 2010). A statement like “making strategy, once an event, is now a continuous process,” illustrates the complexities involved in the process of strategic organizational management.

In my publication, TheValue of Strategic Management (2014), I disclosed that strategies were originally developed as military plans to attain victory against opponents. In this regard strategies were set up as objectives to out maneuver and defeat enemies, therefore, developing strategies were identified as planned events with focused goals (Berry, 2014). However, in today’s corporate climate strategies are developed, adopted, and incorporated on a more regular basis to keep up with evolving trends and market fluctuations in a highly competitive arena. In other words, in order for companies to survive today’s global economy, they must continue to observe, assess, and reshape their strategies to remain profitable and competitive.

google headquarters

Google is a leader in the global market place because of the effective strategies they incorporate into the manufacturing and marketing of their products. Porter (2008) postulates that competition is a main component that can help determine whether a firm will achieve success or failure in its efforts. It helps determine the effectiveness of a company’s activities that contributes to such components like innovations, trends, a cohesive culture, or efficient implementation. Competitive strategy helps establish a company’s sustainability and profitability by maintaining strength in spite of the changes in the market (Porter, 2008). One strategy Google incorporates that has helped sustained its top position is their consistency in delivering superior products. In doing so, they force competitors to raise the bar to stay in the game. 

Google-Products-and-Services oil

The innovative product strategies the Google Corporation implements is clearly top rate, however, because of the ever changing market they continue to evolve their products and strategies to stay ahead of their competition. Porter (2011) suggests that companies like Google achieve operational effectiveness because they perform better in developing, producing, selling and delivering their products. This is a strategic component that gives them the competitive edge. However, to achieve effective strategic positioning their strengths lie in performing differently than their competitors by creating unique products which not only sets them aside but also raises the bar in their industry (Porter, 2011). However, Apple and Microsoft have introduced their own unique products and apps allowing consumers a wider range of innovative tools to choose from. In the meantime, as long as Google continues to evolve their strategies and keep up with the changing marketplace, they will continue to experience growth with successful outcomes.


Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. – Albert Einstein


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Lippincott Room at Princeton University Press


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