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Published October 31, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair

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Mayr is on break to prepare for her new position as the Publications Writer for the Performing Arts Center at the College of Southern Nevada. She will be back with new posts soon … stay tuned! In the meantime, Media Magic Publishing is happy to announce the latest addition in our business life publication series with the release of our new audio book, The Strategy Behind an External Analysis.


This audio book will help listeners comprehend the significance behind conducting an external analysis and discover why they are used to develop efficient strategic plans in organizational management. To help illustrate these concepts, listeners will understand from Mayr’s extensive research work at Ashford University, how an external analysis aided managers at the Best Buy Corporation to navigate successfully through obstacles they faced like globalization, inflation, technological advances, supply and demand issues, political-legal ramifications, and social-cultural changes, which also helped them run their organization in a more socially responsive manner.


Plus, as an added treat, this, like our other audio books, includes a short relaxation bonus track at the end of the title. This short bonus track was specifically developed using the principals of positive thinking. It is meant to be used as a strategic tool to help produce successful outcomes uniting the power of intention with the laws of attraction. They are great for short power breaks to revitalize energy and focus the mind which in turn helps individuals operate from a more balanced state of mind at the work place or at home.

Lippincott Room at Princeton University Press

For more information on Media Magic’s digital publications, or to purchase any of our accelerated learning Business Life titles, please visit our website at:

 Media Magic Publishing.

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To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities. – Bruce Lee


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