WINTER BREAK EDITION – Agents of Change (Conclusion)

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Indeed, while the actions of change agents can cause confusion and pain, their servitude is focused on making society better. For instance, as another strategy, advocates of change with respect to independent moms, will engage their resources to reach out and network with women in similar conditions at forums and support groups to open a dialog. Some may decide to organize and provide a safe, accepting, and life-changing platform online, eventually opening local group chapters. These tactics provide similarly strong women a place to gather, exchange ideas, share inspirational stories of survival and triumph, and look for additional help and resources.

The recruitment and support from corporations and individuals with influential power in the political arena is equally important to change agents. They solicit these individuals to reveal that the intent of the movement is noble. Their focus is to make their goals and intentions clear: to stop the spread of fatherless homes and help put an end to children growing up without their dads.

Agents of change also acknowledge that one way of doing this is the formation and implementation of fatherhood support programs and initiatives. In truth, not all fathers set out to become inactive participants in their children’s lives. Many are unemployed and looking for opportunities to become a better parent but because they lack the education, support, and guidance, they can become depressed and give up. In addition, strict measures could be sought for those fathers who do have the means to support their children, yet choose to hide or avoid their responsibilities as an active participant because of their bitterness and anger towards the mother. Initiating tougher laws on tracking down these types of absentee parents could include strict penalties. Some agents in this case, may seek to expose this misconduct publicly, with the intent of implementing programs that will subject these deadbeats to substantial fines, and in extreme cases, spend time in a penitentiary. This may help provide the negligent parent a place of solitude giving them the opportunity to rethink their choices and poor judgment as one means to reform their destructive behavior.



In summary, even though their actions can be disruptive, agents of change can transform society by shifting perceptions and revolutionizing old systems. With respect to the topic of absentee fathers, this can be achieved by revealing how their absence impacts a child their entire life – this includes their attitude, actions, beliefs, decisions, and how it shapes their identity. The truth is, children do not ask to be neglected. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide a safe, loving, and supportive environment for their offspring. Children of a negligent parent are forced to learn how to adapt to their condition in order to address the resulting negative behaviors; and in order to help lead the child to their breaking free so they can experience a confidence building, empowering love that will help them heal their pain and loss in order to pursue and fulfill their deepest longings.

As an agent of change for this particular kind of movement, educating and setting up programs for single mothers and absentee fathers can inspire motivation to create reforms. Working to shift these individuals into empowered, accountable, and caring parents, will only serve to aid in the healing process. In other words, creating new opportunities for estranged fathers can help encourage them to become active participants in their children’s lives, which will ultimately benefit everyone involved.

Our posts this week revealed different strategies on how an agent of change could address the epidemic of the absentee fathers; a topic that continues to plague society which affects families from every corner of the world and in all walks of life. Whether fathers leave entirely during childhood or are physically present but emotionally distant, those who miss out on an affirming, intimate parental relationship, continue to experience the devastating consequences of that loss. In conclusion, change agents that support a noble and worthy cause are passionate about it and will work diligently to set the stage for social transformation.


It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad. – C. S. Lewis


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