Business Issues and Ethical Resolutions (Conclusion)

Published March 6, 2015 by Mayrbear's Lair


In today’s highly competitive market place, strategic business leaders in the online gaming environment are having to consider more than just the legal aspects involved in their decision making process. According to Boatright, many corporate bosses have discovered that reliance on the law alone can prove to be disastrous (Boatright, 2009). In this situation, leaders in the online gaming industry must consider that although the commercial use of sex, violence, and gambling are accepted in the US, it is only accepted in certain markets that are clearly identified for mature audiences. Therefore, adding a new element to a successfully established product can in fact, introduce more restrictions in their marketplace. The question these leaders face is whether to include adult content, which will most likely to change their share of the market place, especially if the management team does not conduct extensive market research or create a focus group to test out this new strategy. On the other hand this new tactic may open other markets on a global level where the restrictions are less binding.


The bottom line is that each individual leader needs to identify where the majority of their profits are being generated to help them make the best decision to achieve their goals. Once leaders have gathered data from a screening process, they will have a better indication of what aspects each market responds to, which puts leaders in a better place to make the most effective decisions. In conclusion, because of the wide diversity in beliefs, morals, and principles that vary from market to market, what some consider immoral in one country, may be perfectly natural to others from another region. Leaders need to determine the culture of the territory they wish to distribute their products in so that in the long run, their decisions do not conflict with the legal and ethical values of their marketplace so that their organization can continue to enjoy success without losing their integrity.

That’s a wrap for today. Until next time … stay organized!


Live one day at a time emphasizing ethics rather than rules. – Dr. Wayne Dyer


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