How A Firm’s Brand and Image Helps Consumers

Published April 13, 2015 by Mayrbear's Lair


This week we return after having taken time away for relaxation, reflection, study, and rejuvenation. We begin the week by taking a closer look at the concept of “image,” how a brand name or corporate image can affect a company’s outcomes, and also examine the role it plays in a firm’s marketing strategies.

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Let’s face it, in today’s world, leaders face a global marketplace that is overcrowded, noisy, and extremely competitive. In spite of this chaos however, corporate executives are still able to develop a unique image or brand. Furthermore, because of the internet and advances in technology, they can now build unique relationships directly with their target audience. In fact, now that studies have revealed over 50% of emails are read on a mobile device, corporations are directing their marketing strategies to include electronic devices to expand their customer reach.

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This is why consumers are continuously bombarded with thousands of messages that push a company’s image, whether that person is interested or not. In this new market place, employers conduct business by interrupting their target audience repeatedly with their messages. Consumers typically face these brands any time they log on to social media outlets. This is why a company’s image is important.


Last week I attended a powerful accelerated learning webinar hosted by Dr. Meggin McIntosh called Marketing What Matters (2015). One of the first things she disclosed was the importance of a company’s ability to communicate what they want consumers to know about them, how to feel about their products and/or services, and communicate why they are the best choice to help them with their needs. Smart leaders also know, that when a customer is excited and has a positive feeling about a service or product, they are motivated to take action (Dr. Meggin McIntosh, 2015). This is why the most successful corporate managers include these components in the decision making process when developing a company’s image. Their intent should be to give consumers an opportunity to get to know them better, help them feel safe about their services or products, so audiences can in turn, offer their support and ongoing loyalty.

That’s it for this week. On Wednesday we continue our examination of the importance of a company’s image and the role it plays in the company’s marketing strategies. Until then … stay organized!


“Success is the progressive realization of predetermined, worthwhile, personal goals.” – Paul J. Meyer


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Dr. Meggin McIntosh, P. (2015). Marketing what maters. Marketing What Matters (p. 21). Reno: Meggin McIntosh, PhD.


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