Viral Marketing Campaigns

Published May 22, 2015 by Mayrbear's Lair


Our focus of discussion this week has been on marketing strategies online and how more and more companies have achieved successful outcomes when their consumers spread the word about their brand and create a viral effect. This is because the response from users is genuine. What my research uncovered on this topic, is that to make an online marketing strategy effective, marketers must develop their campaigns knowing that word-of-mouth strategies will help them connect to relevant audience members.


A recent example of an advertising campaign that went viral was a promotional ad for the theatrical release of a very popular remake of the 1970s movie Carrie. The advertising company hired a professional film crew and worked in partnership with a small Manhattan café where the event took place (Telekinetic Woman Pranks Coffee Shop Customers!, 2013). The environment was secretly set up by the professional crew prior to the shop opening adding special effects components to make the reaction from the patrons more believable. Actors were hired to play out a short scene and cameras were strategically hidden to capture the event while  innocent patrons witnessed the action that transpired.


Once the event was set in motion, the male performer began to agitate a young female patron at the cafe that was engaged in her studies. The young man deliberately spills her coffee on her computer workstation. This caused the young woman to react and lose her composure. Losing her temper created a chain reaction to where she became so angry she began to use what seemed like telekinetic powers to throw the man against the wall and with the wave of her hand, he starts elevating up while pressed against the wall to the full height of the ceiling. In the meantime, her anger has not subsided and she begins moving the café furniture, tables and chairs out of her way as well, with the wave of her hand, as if by magic.


The expressions and genuine screams from unsuspecting patrons was priceless! Afterwards, they were advised it was all part of a hired crew to create a promotion for the upcoming movie Carrie. Needless to say, the video went viral, effectively displaying another clever and unique strategy that one firm used to communicate a brand’s message.

Well, that’s a wrap for this week. Thanks for stopping by! Next week, we will be taking some time off to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend. Until next time … stay organized!


“The key to success is discovering your innate power and using it daily.” – Les Brown


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Mayer, M. G. (Producer). (2013). Telekinetic Woman Pranks Coffee Shop Customers! [Motion Picture].

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