Vacation Break

Published August 24, 2015 by Mayrbear's Lair


“True wisdom is being able to say ‘it is what it is’ with a smile of celebratory wonder on your face.” ― Eric Micha’el Leventhal 


Winter arrival

We’re very excited about Mayr’s latest accelerated learning eBook project, Managing An Organization with T & A, which is scheduled for release this winter. This latest title is a compilation of Mayr’s extensive MBA research work from Ashford University and also offers new insights, entertaining anecdotes, and strategies based on her business adventures as a seasoned vet with over thirty years as a working professional in the entertainment industry.

In this latest title she will include how her experiences as a former corporate insider at Capitol Records helped her understand the significance of cultivating an ethical working environment. She also reveals how she learned to utilize technology as an independent producer to create successful outcomes when she toured extensively as a top performer within the magic industry. Plus, she discloses the unique strategies that were implemented as part of a private consultant team to a variety of industry giants including Disney’s Imagineers, motivational guru, Anthony Robbins, legendary music producer and rock star Alan Parsons, and one of Branson Missouri’s most beloved entertainers, Jim Stafford.

For more information on Media Magic, our digital publications, or to purchase any of our accelerated learning Business Life titles, please visit our website at:

Media Magic Publishing

or’s new feature called “Author Central” to view:

Mayr’s Author Page.

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