The Road to Effective Leadership (Part 2)

Published September 30, 2015 by Mayrbear's Lair


On Monday, we began our discussion on what it takes to be an effective leader in the global arena by taking a closer look at two very opposite kind of leaders that have emerged on the global stage: the front runner of the Republican Party, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, and the spiritual leader of the Catholic Community, Pope Francis. There is no denying, that both these world leaders have emerged as major forces to be reckoned with. The Pope, for instance, has had such a dynamic impact as a positive force, that the media has now coined the term “the People’s Pope” to describe the transformation and affirmative effect he is having in the global arena. Even newscasters cannot help but smile as they cover this historic event, revealing a joyful type of kindness and peaceful demeanor in their reporting.


So what is it that makes world leaders like these, from opposite ends of the spectrum so popular? The answer is simple: they are authentically passionate about the messages they transmit. One leader uses humility to deliver his message, the other transmits a strategy which reveals a high level of arrogance. Each tactic is equally effective as a leadership tool because it results in their ability to stand out in the crowd above the others. Both individually, are undeniably effective in their efforts to emerge on center stage as charismatic leaders to reveal their agendas in a way to affect positive changes. Equally important, is a strong conviction in their beliefs, despite their utilization of different strategies in delivering those views. After all, other global leaders like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have also been working diligently to affect positive changes. However, much of their efforts it seems, have been spent on managing the allegations of misconduct, corruption, and scandalous behavior.


It is evident that Trump’s campaign has had an enormous impact because of his no-nonsense leadership approach and the harsh rhetoric he chooses. This is due to the fact that Trump’s messages (both positive and negative) resonate with the many constituents that are fed up with an ineffective, toxic, and dysfunctional government. The fact is, the public has been highly influenced by the manner in which these two “breakout” leaders choose to conduct themselves, based on the level of moral compass they reveal from the messages they transmit. This means, that it is the ability to reveal their ethical views in an authentic manner, using their words and actions. to support these messages, that have had a powerful influence. People gravitate towards these two men because they are the real deal — what you see is what you get! In order to use their power effectively, these global movers and shakers learned how to comprehend and communicate the complex role that ethics plays and the impact it has on the global community. In other words, to affect any kind of action that leads to change, today’s global leaders are beginning to understand why the topic of “ethics” is a significant priority and how they can use that knowledge to address the global community to help them achieve their goals in the 21st century.

That’s it for today. On Friday we will conclude this discussion on what it takes to be an effective leader and address how different ethical views can shape outcomes. Until then … stay organized!


A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world. – Albert Camus


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