Leadership Styles of Presidential Candidates

Published February 18, 2016 by Mayrbear's Lair


On Tuesday, we took a look at the kind of leadership style the Presidential candidates displayed at the debates last week. During the Democratic debate, for instance, Hillary Clinton exhibited a style of leadership that exposed her strong character as an individual; one who is not afraid to stand up to an opponent to make her voice and views heard loudly, whether the information is accurate or not.

In observing Clinton’s performance as a debater that night, it is clear that she has been groomed and conditioned to survive in a political arena; one that has been carved out by an elite group that is largely governed by men. It is also abundantly clear, that as a strong female in a predominantly male environment, that in order to navigate and survive effectively in that “boys club” world, of course she would have to learn how to “dance with wolves,” so to speak.


As a contender for the position of President of the United States, we must all ask, which candidate best displays some of the following characteristics that are indicative of an effective leader: (a) do they have the skills and experience necessary to achieve successful outcomes; (b) do they reveal the kind of strategic management plans that can logistically bring about positive change; and (c) are they the kind of role model that displays strength with integrity and grace?

Clinton, for example, has been making a slow transition in leadership style as former Secretary of State, where she displayed a kind of role model that reflected diplomacy and grace. In the last several months, however, we’ve watched her transform into a gladiator like leader, whose strategic maneuvers now include vicious attacks on those who do not support her campaign. To add insult to injury, her political allies are also engaging in attack strategies. Madeline Albright’s recent comments, for instance, stating there’s a ”special place in hell for women who do not stand together” appalled many of us; and Gloria Steinem’s attack on millennial women was an insult to ALL women when she made those ignorant remarks stating that young women are only gravitating to Sanders as a strategy to meet boys!


Sadly, every attack Clinton or anyone on behalf of her campaign makes towards Senator Sanders seems to backfire, motivating constituents to want to vote for him. The truth is, leaders that exhibit disrespectful actions towards others, demonstrate a primitive style of leadership; one that many voters like myself, have made clear, are no longer interested in supporting. Furthermore, Americans want and deserve leaders that are transparent and take accountability for mistakes and misconduct.


In assessing Hillary’s actions as a leader, we must ask whether she reveals behavior that is in alignment with an individual that is accountable and transparent in a leadership position. We can begin to answer this question by observing how long it took before she acquiesced to authorities in providing access to her email accounts. In addition, we can further assess her leadership style by looking at the way she recently responded to a voter that asked for an explanation in her reasoning for accepting corporate funding from the Super Pac that supports her campaign? Her noncommittal response to justify her position was, “It is the same Super Pac that supported President Obama’s political campaign.” In other words, rather than providing the voter with a sufficient explanation which could help us all understand how she is going to stand up and fight Wall Street corruption as she asserts, as the next President, when Wall Street is essentially literally banking on her to win the election. In short, her lackadaisical response to the question by the voter was like her stating that her accepting financial backing from a Super Pac is okay, “because she said so!”


In addition, during an earlier debate, she postulated that she was the only political contender who took a strong stance with Wall Street. She stated that in 2007 she had a meeting with the folks there and told them to, “Cut it out!” Seriously? She told them to cut it out? Who inspired that rhetoric, Moe from the Three Stooges? Doesn’t it seem reasonable, that a political leader interested in accountability and transparency would take a little more of a stance than to just tell voters she told them to, “cut it out?” Americans deserve a better more informed explanation than that!


Then there is her position on women standing together to support other women. This coming from the woman who didn’t have the strength to publicly address and stand up to the humiliation of her own husband’s misconduct and infidelity. Instead, she stood up to his accusers, assassinating their characters by publicly identifying these women as liars and bimbos. Later, when the misconduct and infidelity proved to be true, to my knowledge, Hillary never addressed the strength and bravery it took for these women to come forward with the truth, nor has she publicly acknowledged her own husband’s misconduct let alone the families whose lives were forever changed as a result of Mr. Clinton’s reckless behavior as the leader of this country.


America deserves better. We deserve a leader that puts the needs of this country and its people ahead of their own egos and personal agendas. Hillary is an effective leader and indeed an experienced politician. She has learned to survive in a political arena that has been forged by greed and corruption. Sadly, she’s learned that’s what it takes to survive in a political world. She, like everyone else, has to do what is needed to succeed and thrive. However, the public has now reached a “tipping point” and are clearly articulating, “We’ve had enough of that universe.” We the people are cognizant that our government is dysfunctional and rigged so that only a few are meant to prosper. It is one that Clinton and other political families like the Bushes are doing their best to sternly hold on to for dear life because, they are all so very much aware, that the people are demanding winds of change. Americans want and deserve better! Especially now that more and more of us are awakened to the fact … that indeed, we are NOT the drones they are looking for.

Below is a compilation video we discovered revealing the wide and wonderful world of Hillary Clinton’s leadership styles:

That’s it for this week, until next time … keep enhancing your own leadership skills!


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