In Memory Of …

Published April 26, 2016 by Mayrbear's Lair


2016 seems to be a year of major shifts (on many levels), leaving many of us dazed and speechless, as we absorb, process, adjust, and evolve from the news of these ongoing, ever changing conditions. Last week, on April 22, 2016, in addition to losing another bright light in the music industry with the announcement of Prince’s passing, one of the members of my extended family, Mr. George Anastopoulos, also left us and went into eternal slumber.

Mr A family pict

Pictured from left to right: My parents’ best friends, George and Katina Anastopoulos, Betty Margaritis (my mom), my life long childhood friend Billy Anastopoulos, me, George Margaritis (my dad) and family friend George Tsifas gathered to celebrate my 20th birthday.

As I was growing up, Mr. Anastopoulos was a positive role model in our life. He was a devoted husband and a first-rate example of what defined a hard working Greek father. He was a shining beacon of light throughout my childhood. We have such fond memories growing up with the Anastopouloses and recall how Mr. A’s generous nature was always delivered with a positive attitude. He was the kind of guy that made people smile; the first to welcome you into their home; and had a tendency to make others feel good about themselves. It was an honor to have grown up with such a positive role model, especially during those times when there was so much darkness. He will be truly missed. Rest in Peace, Mr. A. You hold a special place in so many of our hearts.


To honor all the beautiful souls who have touched our heart and souls individually or collectively, we are taking this week off to celebrate those whose ships have sailed and have touched us so deeply.

Thank you … for leaving us the joy of these memories.


How would it be if we all open a spiritual account with the Bank of Life and, realizing that we drawing on the Infinite, each day deposited enough hope, happiness, and faith to more than meet any emergency that might possibly arise?

The Holy Spirit has already made the initial deposit – and a big one – for everyone who is ever born into this world, because The Holy Spirit is part of us … and, in a mysterious way which is beyond our comprehension, has endowed to us the capacity to love.

With love, we will find that when some incident which seems hateful or hurtful arises in our experience, we can draw on this Reserve Force. Knowing that some experiences will come along that seem unloving, we are able to write a check from our Bank of Life that will cover every liability of unkindness.

The Holy Spirit is love … and all the love there is … is ours always.

Ernest Holmes – Science of Mind, April 22nd


In memory_preview

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