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Mayr is a unique artist who creates through the eyes of a storyteller; whether in a written, graphic, audio, or video publication, Mayr is the kind of creator who paints a picture through the lens of a child-like, inquisitive mind. Her ongoing mission as an agent of positive change, is to continue to evolve as a human being, expand her level of awareness, and continue in her educational pursuits and research work.

Mayr has over 30 years experience as a professional in the entertainment industry and wears a variety of hats including published author, producer, director, and performer. She also has extensive corporate experience as an alumnus of Capitol-EMI Records and as the former Director of Marketing at Tucson Mortgage Company. She has also worked with many of the entertainment industry’s corporate elite and consulted for such A-list show biz leaders like Anthony Robbins, Jim Stafford, and Alan Parsons.


Mayr holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management and compiled her extensive research work into short publications specifically created to help people enhance their own leadership skills. These publications are designed for accelerated learning and have been produced with an intent to help raise awareness on issues like what role body language plays in achieving successful outcomes and why building good communication skills are so important in a diverse environment. Drawing from Fortune 500 case studies as well as her own experiences as a professional in show business, these publications are both entertaining and educational. As a plus, the audio book versions offer bonus tracks that have been developed specifically applying the scientific principles of positive psychology to help audiences reach their highest potential.

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