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Happy Independence Day America!

Published July 4, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair


Thank you everyone for embarking on this journey with me. I am deeply grateful for your continued support and humbled you’ve stuck around! For those of us who are celebrating America’s Independence Day, I wish you a happy holiday weekend!

In the meantime, I’ll be back next week with new posts and on Monday, I will announce the five lucky winners of our Sweepstakes! It’s not too late to enter.  We’re still accepting entries until midnight this Sunday! Good luck everyone! Have fun and enjoy this holiday responsibly!



“Don’t be the firecracker that can injure others. Be mindful when your emotions ignite.” – M. A. Berry



Breaching Communication Barriers Independence Day Sweepstakes!

Published July 2, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair

The feedback on Breaching Communication Barriers is starting to come in:

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Good luck … and have a Happy Fourth of July weekend!


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Summer Vacation Sweepstakes!

Published June 30, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair

summer break

Media Magic and Summer Vacation Sweepstakes

Are you fed up trying to get a message across to someone or at your place of employment, but are unsuccessful because of fortified communication barriers? Have you had your fair share of setbacks due to poor communication or ineffective leadership skills? Are you or someone you know, interested in learning mindful communication techniques? Then sign up to our sweepstakes for a chance to win a free copy of our new audio book:

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This short audio book can make a great addition to your summer plans because it is entertaining, informative, and includes a relaxation technique specifically designed to help you with principals of positive thinking. Vacations are great for taking time away from a busy schedule  to charge your internal batteries but they are also a good time to take on new experiences. When we are in a relaxed state of mind, we are open to receive new information that can be valuable and life changing, especially when we are enjoying some quiet time at the pool or beach. By listening to this audio book, you will understand more clearly why communication in the modern era can be challenging. It will also provide you with great tips on how to be a more effective communicator. Plus, the bonus track is specifically designed as an innovative tool to help in the development of mindful communication techniques intended to affect positive changes.

How To Enter the Sweepstakes

To enter our sweepstakes, simply click on the Sweepstakes graphic above and submit your email address no later than July 4, 2014, for a chance to win your complimentary copy. Once all entries have been received, we will randomly select five winners and award each one a complimentary copy of the audio book.

Thanks for entering and good luck!

Winners will be announced July 7, 2014 when we will return from summer vacation with all new posts! 


Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. – Albert Einstein


Success in Management and Communication

Published June 9, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair


There are two themes that are relevant in the world of communication, learning communication skills to help navigate a successful career and adapting these skills to succeed in a leadership or managerial position. Baack (2012) suggests that leaders with superior communication skills not only gather information, they comprehend and communicate that information in a way that empowers others while earning their respect and loyalty. These are the architects that establish new career models as a framework that can be applied to any industry (Baack, 2012). In other words, these leaders have developed a strong set of principles to guide their interpersonal relationships as well as the communication constructs that motivates them to achieve successful outcomes.


In my eBook, Breaching Communication Barriers (2013), I reveal how communication problems in the workplace can become hostile and toxic as well as the role employees play in tearing down a company’s reputation (Berry, 2013). In the meantime, employees that communicate a positive view of their organization are also happy to offer their loyalty to a firm. For example, Southwest Airlines, (SWA) one of America’s success stories, provides an ideal example of how effective communication played an integral role in helping them build a successful business model. Herb Kelleher, the firm’s leader, worked hard with his employees to build and maintain a reputation influenced by his management style which included the following concepts: (a) revealing the company’s purpose, vision and values, (b) making people heroes, (c) being honest and consistent with communication, (d) maintaining a flow of open communication between all divisions, and (e) providing staff members with applicable information to help them make the most effective decisions.


While many leaders focus their strategies by keeping the customer happy, the SWA leader focused his model on keeping the employees happy. He believed this was the most effect method to succeed in the aviation industry because employees that are content and valued at the workplace are also motivated to perform at higher levels.

On Wednesday we will take a closer look at the similarities and differences in business and management communication. Until then … keep working on reaching your highest potential!


A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem. – Albert Einstein


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Baack, D. (2012). Management Communication. San Diego, CA, USA: Bridgepoint Education.

Berry, M. A. (2013). Breaching Communication Barriers (Vol. 2). (C. Angela, Ed.) USA: Kindle Direct Publishing.




Self-Esteem and Self -Efficacy

Published June 6, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair

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Our perceptions influence how we respond to the environment. In other words, our individuality helps shape the way we view ourselves and others on a personal and professional level. Bach (2013) suggests that these evaluations play a role in our ability to achieve successful outcomes as well as how we emotionally respond to the people we interact with. (Bach, 2013).

According to Gecas (1982) personality theorists use the term “self” to identify the center of an individual’s conscious existence. It is the self that defines our psychological reality or how we view the world (Gecas, 1982).  An awareness of the self, or the way a person views their self, means that they have a realization of their physical, social, spiritual or moral being. For example, when a person has a strong sense of their unique talents and skills, this means they have a well-developed self-concept. A person who has a less developed self-concept, may spend minimal time focused on personal characteristics or how they differ from others.

self esteem

Self-esteem on the other hand, is how a person evaluates their worth. Self-efficacy reveals a person’s beliefs about their ability to successfully complete an assignment or challenge. McKay and Fanning (2000) posit that self-esteem is essential for psychological survival and is an emotional sine qua non. In other words, without some measure of self-worth, life can be enormously painful, with many basic needs going unmet (Fanning & McKay, 2000). How well a person operates or functions in a society, organizational, or family environment, is guided by how an individual exhibits their self-worth.

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For example, in my eBook, Ethics in the Real World, I reveal that a person with issues of low self esteem, may be too timid to voice their views or offer assistance for fear of being misunderstood or worse, ridiculed. As a result, they may not feel worthy of offering their opinion and are often reluctant to participate in meetings or other social events. That kind of behavior can hinder an individual from furthering career aspirations in an organization or even deter a beneficial experience (Berry, 2013). In short, low self esteem can also play a role in how well a person thinks they can perform at any given task.

For instance, I recall many times in my youth when an adult supervisor asked me to complete a task. Some supervisors were intimidating and strict, putting high expectations on the outcome. If there are predetermined deadlines or punishment for not completing the task as that leader wants it done, it increases stress levels which in turn has an impact on performance levels and outcomes. In other words, under pressure, an individual loses confidence which can then have a profound affect on that individual’s self-efficacy.  On the other hand, a person with high self-esteem and confidence is more likely to volunteer their input without taking personal offense to positive or negative feedback. The bottom line is that an individual’s concept of self plays a role in their development and how they define ethical behavior.

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend everyone …  and keep organized!

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Uncertainty will always be a part of the taking charge process. – Harold Geneen



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What is Communication?

Published May 28, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair


Communication is a part of every aspect of our life. From the time we are born until the end of our lives, communication shapes what and how we learn, how we connect with others, and how we make our livelihood. Individuals that have difficulty communicating for whatever the reason, will find themselves at a disadvantage. On the other hand, those who are gifted and possess high levels of communication skills, and more than likely to achieve greater levels of success in the workplace as well as in their personal lives.

Baack (2012) defines communication as the transmission, receipt, and the processing of information we receive. He also postulates that this information must consist of any item that elicits meaning. Communication, therefore, consists of the transfer of data with meaning from one individual or group to others. In addition, it can be transmitted in a variety of forms including: (a) terms or words, (b) symbols, (c) figures or numbers, (d) a single concept, or (e) a set of concepts combined. The recipient, on the other hand, must comprehend them for any of these concepts to make sense (Baack, 2012). For example, most people younger than 25 years of age who grew up in the United States understand the following combination of letters: OMG. A senior citizen who does not use computers or smart phones on the other hand, most likely does not have a clue what that combination of letters means.


In the business arena, a great deal of information is transmitted on a daily basis. Some is acknowledged and has meaning, while some of it is just jibber jabber. One thing is for sure, people who can frame information in such a way that the intended recipient understands the true meaning, are the better communicators. In short, the communication process is important because if information is not transmitted correctly, it can be misinterpreted and present challenges beyond repair.

In my article, “Breaching Communication Barriers” (2013), I revealed that employment recruiters will intentionally seek out potential leaders for executive positions with effective communication skills because they know these are the kind of leaders that are top performers. In other words, they specifically seek these candidates because they are cognizant that prospects that possess high levels of communication skills are in a better position to help the organization and its staff members reach their highest potential. Plus, successful communicators are better at building strong teams because they can transmit instructions more effectively in a way that motivates and inspires employees to perform at higher levels, rather than offending or alienating them (Berry, 2013).


On Friday’s post we will take a closer look at the various levels of organizational communication including: (a) interpersonal communication that takes place between individuals or one individual with a small group of people; and (b) communication within the organization itself to better comprehend the role it plays in achieving organizational goals.

Until then … keep those channels of communication open and stay organized!


With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing. – Catherine de Hueck Doherty



Baack, D. (2012). Management Communication. San Diego, CA, USA: Bridgepoint Education.

Berry, M. A. (2013). Breaching Communication Barriers (Vol. 2). (C. Angela, Ed.) Henderson, NV: Kindle Direct Publishing.

Happy Memorial Day!

Published May 26, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair


Today we celebrate Memorial Day and take time to give special thanks to our fathers and brothers whose contributions to the armed forces and sacrifices were given to defend our liberties and freedoms!

I also want to extend a warm thank you to everyone who participated in our Memorial Day Promotion with  Today is the last day you can pick up a complimentary copy of  The Strategy Behind an External Analysis and The Value of Strategic Management. Whether you own a business, are an academic leader, a devoted student, or a domestic engineer looking for motivation and effective ways to make your goals, these are great tools for anyone interested in achieving higher performance levels.

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 Have a great holiday everyone … and stay organized!


The structure of language not only determines not only thought, but reality itself. – Noam Chomsky



Memorial Day Holiday Special!

Published May 25, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair

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Our holiday campaign with continues with today’s feature:

 The Strategy Behind an External Analysis.

This eBooklet will help explain how external analysis strategies work to detect possible threats and obstacles that prevent individuals from achieving desired goals. It will also reveal how to identify opportunities worth exploring and disclose tactics that others have used to find success achieving their goals with higher outcomes. Whether you are looking to enhance your business, develop more efficient systems as a householder, or seeking more effective methods to perform at higher levels, this booklet has valuable organizational management information that anyone can use to help them reach their highest potential! Get  your complimentary copy today!

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Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone!


“Put up with it and you will get more of it.” – Lynne Deal




Memorial Day Weekend Holiday Special!

Published May 24, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair


Today our promotional campaign with shines the spotlight on our featured booklet, “The Value of Strategic Management.” It reveals insights to effective leadership skills and examines strategies that top performers implement to successfully manage an organization more efficiently. This material can provide a powerful motivational key; one that will unlock a treasure of innovative ideas by examining how successful top performers achieve their desired outcomes more effectively. Whether you are a business owner or a householder, this booklet has valuable organizational management information for everyone! Get  your copy today for free!

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Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s spotlight … and have a fun holiday weekend y’all!


Not many can admit their fears, but those who can, lead a fulfilling life of happiness knowing they hide nothing and need not to. – Cyrus Corteise


Breaching the Communication Gap

Published January 24, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair

Broken Communication

Communication skills are an integral component in the organizational management process because it influences how we receive as well as how we deliver messages. This in turn helps us understand our organization’s purpose, the culture, as well as how we respond to and support our colleagues. Knowing how to communicate concisely, without criticizing or setting off the defense mechanisms of others, is an important element in organizational management. Highly successful leaders, for example, engage in a level of communication that motivates top performances and inspires team members and partners to become better people. The most effective leaders, in fact, are those that lead by example, delegating responsibilities and duties in a way that motivates and values staff members.


Recruiters target their search for effective leaders with good communication skills because they know these are the potential ring masters who will lead their team enthusiastically to successful outcomes. In addition, top recruiters seek individuals in leadership positions with the potential to help staff members: (a) feel confident about themselves;, (b) accept them for who they are, (c) focus on their strengths and talents, (d) praise them for their hard work, and (e) value their talents and what they bring to the organization. In other words, companies are looking for strong leaders that are not only compassionate in their acknowledgement of weaknesses in others, but they also help them work through their challenges with dignity while praising their strengths.

To read more about breaching the communication gap, please read the article at the link below:

Thanks everyone! In the meantime, be on the lookout next Friday for another article!

Until then … stay organized!