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Motivation for the Week

Published January 27, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair

Motivational Monday Shared

For many of us, it is hard to find the motivation to face a new work or school week, especially after enjoying a peaceful leisurely weekend with loved ones. As we begin a new week most people are already concerned about a variety of things like getting the kids to school with everything they need, making it to work on time, meeting important deadlines, and so on. Just thinking about all that we have to do can overload our brains and before you know it, stress and anxiety starts creeping in.  This is a normal process. As our minds begin to gather new ideas and thoughts we begin to change the way we act, think, and respond. Our perspectives begin to change and as the process continues, we learn to become more mindful of our thoughts and actions. As we begin this new week, I wanted to share some words of inspiration that one of my fabulous professors at Ashford University posted today. It was so motivational and uplifting, that I decided to share it here with everyone to begin our week on a positive note.


Steinhagen (2014) reminds us that nothing of value comes easy. For example, if raising children were easy everyone could do it and do it well. If being the best at our jobs were easy everyone would be the best, they’re not. Life takes effort. The fact that you’re reading this post shows that you have made a decision to do something that was valuable to you today that perhaps may help you create something better in your life tomorrow, lesson by lesson, day by day, week by week, and so on.


While this road may at times seem difficult, many have passed before us and found ways to weather the storm to achieve different levels of success. Do not get alarmed if your outcomes are not what you expected. Do not get alarmed if work is slightly more difficult. We need to keep plugging away to reap the fruits of our labor. Focus on the outcome and remember, do not be afraid to ask for and rely upon family and friends to support us as we move through and progress with our efforts. Most important, we must also remember to rely upon ourselves and the knowledge that we know we can do and be whatever it is we want, when we choose to do so.


So at some point each and every day, we must remember to take a moment to look at all we’ve accomplished and all that we have learned. Continue to focus on our future as well, and always search for that inner strength to succeed. Remember, it is in each and everyone one of us, even if sometimes we have to work hard to find the answers (Steinhagen, 2014).


When I’m short-circuiting, I take a moment to think about all the things I am grateful for and really appreciate all the miracles in my life. This is a strategy that works to help calm my state of mind during those times when I’m overwhelmed. Afterwards, I’m in a better place emotionally, to tackle whatever schedule, deadline, or task is at hand, because I am viewing it from a place of balance and confidence. This strategic component has been useful  to me in the motivation process and is an effective tool in helping me address the demands of a new situation, tough day, hard week, or a trying month, etc.

I will close today’s blog with an inspirational Native America Proverb:

Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.

Have a great week everyone … and find new ways to stay motivated!

Until next time …


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