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Winter Break – Friday Edition

Published December 26, 2014 by Mayrbear's Lair

Winter Break Fri 1

 (Blog Repost from April 10, 2013)

Why Become a Learning Organization?LearningOrganization

In today’s global economy a profitable company must become a learning organization if they want to experience sustainability. As the world becomes more complex and businesses become more interconnected, organizational leaders must encourage an environment that embraces group learning practices. Organizations that excel will be the institutions that discover how to inspire commitment and the capacity to learn from personnel at all levels.  In the early forming and norming stages of an organization, for example, everyone is learning how to work together, figuring out what systems succeed, which do not, and develop adaptations for more effective performance. In addition, modern brain imaging techniques, previously unavailable prior to the year 2000, reveal that it is almost impossible to retain new information unless it is emotionally relevant. For instance, most leaders are not mindful that stress and fear create environments that encourage learning disabilities. Therefore, leaders who use fear and intimidation in their organization as a strategy are most likely to constrict the learning process (Reason, 2010). Organizational cultures where individuals can learn together and expand their capacity to create desired outcomes; where innovative and expansive patterns of reasoning are nurtured, tend to experience more success in reaching their goals.

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